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◎ Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Wire Plug Injection Molding Machine

Wire Plug Injection Molding Machine


1.20 years of experiences


3.power consumption:6.95kw

ST-35T vertical plastic injection moulding machine

Injection section: double guiding rod supporting;double dro-cylinder balance injection

Computer-control: PLC control improved precision to due to faster speed control system automatic alarm digital memory for mold group

Hydraulic unit: Japan YUKEN system pressure is controlled through proportional

Clamping unit: fine-element analysis used to design platen adjustable mechanical support system used for moving platens to protect tie bars

Other parts: shot counter and reset function malfunction alarm light self-diagnostic function emergency stop buttons placed both front and rear of the machine to provide to easy access blotter filter    

Oil pressure spares:
oil pumpTaiwan Hai Teke Hydraulic CO.,LTD.
oil motorU.S. WHITE Group
electromagnetic selector valveJapan YUKEN CO.,LTD.
proportional valveJapan YUKEN CO.,LTD.
semi-closure valve controllerGermany Dr.Rexroth INC.
hydraulic valveTaiwan Hai Teke Hydraulic CO.,LTD.
Electric spares:
computer controllerProcheson Technology CO.,LTD.
temperature sensing wireTaiwan Arico CO.,LTD.
SSRTaiwan Yangming CO.,LTD.
electric rulerSwitzerland Mrian CO.,LTD.
power switchMitsubishi
electronic motorGlobal Electric Machinery LTD.
sealingJapan NOK Joint-Stock-Cooperation
feed pipe groupTaiwan Tianxing CO.,LTD.
tie barTaiwan Jiangjun Machinery CO.
oil pipeItaly ALFA CO.
oil cylinderTaiwan Jiangjun Machinery CO.

Screw Diametermm252832
Injection Pressurekg/cm²181414461107
Theoretical Shot Volumecm³6177100
(ps) Max.shot Weight(ps)g/oz567192
Injection Ratecm³/sec384863
Number of Temperature Control3
Clamping Forcetons35
Opening Forcetons7
Platen Sizemm530*380
Distance Between Tie Baremm355*205
Min.Mold Heightmm60/120
Oprening Strokemm180
Ejector Forcetons1.5
Ejector Strokemm30
Max.Hydaulic Pressurekg/cm²140
Pump Outputliters/min30
Pump Motor Powerkw/hp4/5.5
Barrel Heating Powerkw2.95
Machine Weighttons1.2
Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)m1.47*1.07*2.41
Shipping Measurements(L×W×H)m1.8*1.3*1.8

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