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twin screw extruder for sale Twin Screw Rubber Extruder

Twin Screw Rubber Extruder


twin screw silicone rubber extruder

1.excellent quality

2.ISO, CE, Ghost certificate

3.durable in use

4.low noise

product name: high quality and lower price cold feeding twin screw silicone rubber extruder

1) Application Features

Filtration colloidization's rubber raw material enters the calender, assuresthe calender bowl's security the impurity filtration. The screw rod uses the special steel, and after nitriding, prolonged wear-resisting. The double die head replace is rapid, the ease of operation saves thime. It equipped with when the power failure the die head opens the installment automatically, protects the radio station security.

2) Main technical Parameters

Project\modelXJL-160XJL- 200XJL- 220XJL- 250XJL- 300
screw diameter(mm )160200220250300
max.screw speed(r/min )6055443326
power(kw )7590110160220
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