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Scrap Tyre Crumb Processing Machine

Scrap Tyre Crumb Processing Machine

We make the whole equipments for Scrap Tyre Crumb Processing, to make rubber powder,or reclaimed rubber sheet.


This machine is a special equipment for crushing waste steel wire radial tyre under normal temperature, used to take out the steel wire of tyre in the scope of the size


The product has a longer service life with the compact structure,advanced technology, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The grinding chamber with the split structure is particularly convenient to maintenance. The cut with the hard alloy steel welding technology, is of high hardness, high wear-resistance, and can be repeated repair use. The reducer with hard tooth surface, and the large area of rotary sieve steel with mesh grid structure are in favor for qualifying the size of the plastic material . Oversize tires are divided equally applying the machine!

1. Mainly be utilized to crush the whole tires including steel radial tires.

2.The cutting tools are made of special abrasion resistant materials.

3.They enjoy a long service life and can be reused for many times.

4.They are characterized by large carrying capacity, high efficiency,long life, low noise, and small size.

5. The crusher chamber coordinates with the right and left support mechanisms perfectly, the crushing power are transmitted efficiently,which ensures the good stability of equipment.

Technical data:

Specification of feeding≤800(whole tyre)≤1200(whole tyre)
Specification of discharging≤50X50≤60X60
Main motor (kw)45155

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