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natural rubber vulcanization process Rubber Vulcanizer

Rubber Vulcanizer

Rubber Vulcanizer is used for vulcanizing various kinds of rubber and plastic mould products as well as non-mould products. 

1) It has 4-columns structure and frame structure, the machine normally is below pressing type(upwards), the heating plate opens by the self-weight of the hot plate, platform and plunger.

2) The plate size, piston stroke and total pressure can be adjusted according to customers’ actual requirement, the machine can equip with manual-pull mold and automatic hydraulic-pull mold, which reduces labors’ working strength and inconvenience.

3) This machine has three kinds of control method: manually, semi-auto. and full auto.

4) Fast speed mould-closing, high production efficiency, low locking speed to protect mould.

5) Made of nodular cast iron, the oil cylinder of machine is improved in compressive strength and wear resistance.

6) Adopting tubular electric-heating component to heat up, the machine can reduce air pollution to keep workshop clean without boiler.

7)The rubber vulcanizing press is beautiful in shape, rational in structure, convenient in control, safe and credible.

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