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Rubber Strip Cooling Machine

Specifications Batch off Unit (XPG-800) 1. High security 2. Low noise 3. Energy saving 4. Easy to operate Rubber Cooling Machine/Batch Off Line(XPG-800) I.Usage: The machine is designed to cooperate with the sheeting mill to take up the rubber sheet from it, and used for cooling...

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Batch off Unit (XPG-800) 

1. High security 

2. Low noise 

3. Energy saving 

4. Easy to operate

Rubber Strip Cooling Machine-(XPG-800)


The machine is designed to cooperate with the sheeting mill to take up the rubber sheet from it, and used for cooling drying cutting (or without cutting) and then folding the plasticated or mixed rubber sheets


1. Take off device is of the ring type conveyor belt with guide strip and without any union or joint, and equipped with printer. Take off conveyor belt, lifting and dip in wire mesh belt all share one same frequency conversion AC speed regulating motor, which the conveying speed could be adjustable. 

2. Lifting bar is driven by one set cycloid pin wheel speed reducer through AC frequency conversion and the bar sheed is synchronous as the speed of lifting device. 

3. The sheet is uniformly coated with the lubricator by dipping without polluting the environment. Its cooling effect is better than the spraying. 

4. The hanging up area is fully closed, which adopts the blower to blow the sheet at a slant. So it improves the air flowing direction and cooling effect.

III. Technical specifications: 

Model xpg-800 

Max width of the sheet: 800mm 

Thickness of the rubber sheet: 10mm 

Distance between the hanging bars effective: 150mm 

Max. Pendant length of hanging sheet: 1500mm 

Take-off linear speed: 0-26m/min 

Swing linear speed: 0-40m/min 

Hinge linear speed: 0-1.55m/min 

Number of cooling fans: 8sets 

Power of cooling fans: 0.75x8set 

Final temperature of the sheet: <&=40degree 

Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa 

Overall size: 9500x1880x3100mm 

Weight: 11500kg

If you need other model, please feel free to contact me,

we have 500mm,600mm,900mm,1200mm width for your choice or can customize as per your requirement. 


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