Rubber Plate Vulcanizing Press

Rubber Plate Vulcanizer Machine

ST-XLB Series Rubber PlateVulcanizer Machine/rubber vulcanizer is mainly used to make all kinds rubber molding and non-molding products. The rubber vulcanizer machine with the feature of simple structure, high pressure, high efficiency, and wide adaptability and wide Application. Steady Machinery is a successful international quality rubber machine maker and supplier.

Product details

ST-XLB Series Rubber PlateVulcanizer Machine/rubber vulcanizer is mainly used to make all kinds rubber molding and non-molding products. The rubber vulcanizer machine with the feature of simple structure, high pressure, high efficiency, and wide adaptability and wide Application. 

Steady Machinery is a successful international quality rubber machine maker and supplier.


ST-XLB series rubber plate vulcanizer applies to all kinds of rubber (natural rubber, EPDM rubber, NBR rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone rubber ext. )plate vulcanizing and compression molding. The rubber vulcanizer can be used to make O ring, sealing parts, oil seal, auto parts, rubber crash pad, rubber air spring, key board, medical rubber parts, rubber bottle stopper, silicone wrist band, water-stop tape, bridge support/bridge bearings,  rubber cable, electronics insulators etc.. The rubber plate vulcanizer can also be used to make bakelite products molding, and other thermalsetting plastic. The machine can be used to make foam products, foam resin,thin metal, construction material compression molding.

Product Description

The rubber plate vulcanizer press machine is high precision 4 pillar guiding(alsl there are frame type for choice). The main machine is consist of up plate(also called up beam), down machine  seat, move plate(move platform), oil cylinder and pillars. The oil cylinder is piston type, the piston installed into the down machine seat. Customer can choose to install two fast return cylinder at the machine two sides.

The rubber plate vulcanizer machine has independent power mechanism and electrical system . The control box is positioned at the right side of the main machine. The machine adopts PLC control, equipped with LCD display screen. Buttons centralized control, easy to operate. Working pressure and heating temperature can be adjusted. The machine has manual operation mode and half automatic operation mode for choice.

The rubber vulcanizer is single machine single pump station structure. Customers can also choose double(duplex) machine or multi machine connect work together.  Hydraulic system and electrical system all have overload protection.

When the rubber vulcanizer work, piston move from down to up to close the mold, compress the products into shape.


 silicone bracelet vulcanizing press

silicone bracelet vulcanizing press

Just tell us what you want to produce, we can give you a perfect proposal, most reasonable price, excellent quality machine(s) and best services. 


The rubber plate vulcanizer has auto temperature keeping, pressure keeping and auto air exhaust function, to ensures products quality.

The rubber vulcanizer has auto pressure compensation function. In the process of compressing, the rubber raw material flow can cause pressure drop/go down/decline, but this pressure decline can be compensated automatically.

Auto air exhaust time, exhaust times, second time exhaust, up and down stay time when exhausting, heating temperature, vulcanizing(curing) time, mold clamping pressure all can be set very easily at the LCD touch screen. The machine has vulcanizing countdown display, alarm before vulcanizing finish , and auto mold open function.

Mold open and close speed is fast, high productivity.

And with slow speed pressurizing function to protect the mold.

Parts Detail Description:

1. Control Box

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The control box electronics adopts Schneider or CHNT brand. 

And our wire layout desing is very scientific. 

So the machine electronics is very reliable even in the harsh working condition. 


2. Valves and Motor

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  We can make all the molds as per customer's requiremetns.

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  Frame Type Machine

Rubber Plate Vulcanizer Machine 5.jpg

Machines workings in user's factory.

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   Relative Machines:

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  Place of Origin: China

Certificate: ISO, CE, GOST etc.

Delivery Time: Within 30 working days after advance payment. 

Packing: Fumigation Free Wooden pallet box.

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