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◎ Rubber Plastics Kneading Machine

  • Rubber Dispersion Kneading Mixer

    Contact NowRubber Dispersion Kneading Mixer1. Introduction X(S)N-35/55/75/110 rubber dispersion kneading mixer also called rubber kneading mixer is used for mixing natural rubber or reclaimed rubber materials. It is widely used in tire plant, cable plant, tape hose plant, rubber shoe plant and rubber seal factory. 2. Advantages ...Read More

  • Rubber Plastic Banbury Kneading Mixer Internal Kneader Machine

    Contact NowRubber Plastic Banbury Kneading Mixer Internal Kneader MachineThe banbury mixer(Rubber Plastic Kneader) is applicable for plasticating, mixing and refining of rubber and plastics, and mixing of rubber and synthetic rubber. Steady Machinery is a successful international quality rubber machine maker and supplier.Read More

  • banbury mixer for sale Banbury Mixer

    Contact Nowbanbury mixer for sale Banbury MixerThe banbury mixer is an internal mixer with intermeshing rotors. The wings and the working surfaces of the rolls, the internal surfaces of the mixing chamber, and the working surfaces of the pressing ram device and the discharge device are all put on with wearable hard alloy by built-up welding...Read More

  • Banbury Kneader

    Contact NowBanbury KneaderThe machine rotor for elliptic shear,mixing chamber rotor work surface and mixing tand welding carbide wear-resisting .after gringding hard chromium plating process,and polishing,mixing and indoor surface on top to all hard chrome platting ,wear resistance,corrosion resistance long service...Read More

  • kneader machine for rubber mixing Rubber Kneader Mixer

    Contact Nowkneader machine for rubber mixing Rubber Kneader MixerUsage: Usable for rubber or plastic mixing or rubber and plastic blending. Features: 1) Mixing temperature can be controlled. 2) Optimization of helical angle of rotor wings brings about homogenerous distribution of the stock. 3) Rotors are hard chrome and carbide alloy to resist...Read More

  • price of mixer machine Rubber Mixer Machine

    Contact Nowprice of mixer machine Rubber Mixer Machine1.parameters of rubber mixer machine 2.Specification 1). The plastic material in airtight plastic pressure under the condition of refining or mixed refine, high production efficiency, low labor strength, stable quality. The two edges rotor shearing type, the production process the...Read More

  • mixing of rubber compounds Rubber Compound Kneading Mixer

    Contact Nowmixing of rubber compounds Rubber Compound Kneading Mixer1. The sealing system will keep the machine never leak powder within 3 to 5 years. 2. The machine can save electricity above 15% due to zero friction. 3. The inner working plane of the mixing chamber is in chrome treatment; and the bottom is equipped with the thermocouple for temperature...Read More

  • Silicone Rubber EPDM Rubber Kneading Mixer

    Contact NowSilicone Rubber EPDM Rubber Kneading Mixer1. Apply: rubber or plastic mixing or plastify mixing 2. Features and advantages of rubber mixer/rubber kneader machine: a. Operation is controlled by PLC. b. Temperature and Ampeter are appeared on operation panel! c. Jacket design of mixing chamber for better cooling and heating! d....Read More

  • Drop Door Type Rubber Internal Mixer

    Contact NowDrop Door Type Rubber Internal MixerSpecifications Rubber Internal Mixer Drop-type discharge Pneumatic and Hydraulic ram Intermeshing rotor & tangential rotor CE & ISO Rubber Internal Mixer is the best machine for mixing of big quantity plastic and...Read More

  • Master Batch Pigmen Ink Dispersion Kneading Mixer

    Contact NowMaster Batch Pigmen Ink Dispersion Kneading MixerApplication The machine suitable for various plastic foam,rubber sole,TPR,EVA,spongs tires,sports bolls,rubber rings,encapsulant elastic,master batch,ink,various type of automative rubber products,chemical industry and mixed materials. The machine is equipped with automatic temperature...Read More

  • Lab Internal Mixer

    Contact NowLab Internal MixerLab Rubber Internal Mixer This instrument is widely used for plastication and mixing of rubber products,industrial chemicals and plastic products,such as rubber ring,rubber belt,PVC,color master batch,cable materials,etc.Plastication is prepared for better mixing,as it can enhance the...Read More

  • Lab Kneader

    Contact NowLab KneaderLaboratory Rubber Dispersion Kneader mainly is used for mixing of small lot samples, such as rubber, plastic, EVA, TPR, it is featured with small volume, and lower power consumption, which provides manufactures with an optimum and favorable apparatus for saving raw materials.Read More

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