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◎ Rubber Mixing Mill

  • Open Rubber Mill

    Contact NowOpen Rubber Mill1. Based on push-back drive, the stress direction of the reducer output shaft base is changed, and it is uneasy to loose, so that the service life of the equipment is greatly extended and the maintenance costs are reduced. 2. Triple drive harden-gear reducer and the rolling bearing are used to...Read More

  • two roll rubber mixing mill Lab Two Roll Rubber Mill

    Contact Nowtwo roll rubber mixing mill Lab Two Roll Rubber MillThe lab open mixing mill is small in size, especially for laboratory use.Read More

  • Bull Gear Drive Rubber Mixing Mill

    Contact NowBull Gear Drive Rubber Mixing MillThe bull gear drive two roll open mixing mill is driven by bull and small gear in reduction box. This machine is strong, durable and economic. We also have bearing type for your choice.Read More

  • Rubber Sheeting Mill

    Contact NowRubber Sheeting MillThe rubber sheeting mill also called rubber sheeting machine. It's constructed on the base of open mill, mounted a rubber blender device on top of it. There are many speeds and speed ratios available, which can satisfy most customers' formula and processing requirements. Frame, frame...Read More

  • Rubber Open Mixer

    Contact NowRubber Open MixerApplication: It is used for rubber mixing, warming, sheeting and plastic mixing, etc. Structure features: This machine is composed of rolls, bearings, frame, frame cap, transmission device, nip adjuster, lubrication device,temperature regulator of rollers,...Read More

  • open mill rubber mixing Rubber Compound Open Mill

    Contact Nowopen mill rubber mixing Rubber Compound Open MillThe rolls are made of special cast iron. The working surface of the roll is chill cast,forming a very hard and excellent wear-resistant shell. The rolls can be supplied as casting, or as wholly machined ones,including turning,grinding,drilling.keyway cutting,thread taping.etc. The working...Read More

  • Bearing Type Rubber Mixing Mill

    Contact NowBearing Type Rubber Mixing MillSpecifications 1.The roller is made of chilled cast iron. It is divided into hollowed roll and drilled roll. The inner of hollowed roll is machined. The hollowed roll surface can be smooth or grooved. The grooved roll has full grooved surface, partial grooved surface and so on. 2.The roll...Read More

  • used rubber mixing mill Rubber Mixing Machine

    Contact Nowused rubber mixing mill Rubber Mixing MachineWorking Principle: Two rollers rotate reversely with different speed,so the colloidal particles are drawn into the gap of the two rollers by the Friction. Use for: This machine is mainly used in Rubber Plastic Product factory for Natural Rubber...Read More

  • Rubber Open Roller Mixing Machine

    Contact NowRubber Open Roller Mixing MachineRubber mixing mill Two roll rubber mixing mill is mainly used in Rubber Plastic Product factory for Natural Rubber Mixing (plasticizing), Raw Rubber and Compound mixing,rubber warm up mixing and pressing sheet. Two roll mixing mill is also the main machine to make reclaimedrubber. Main...Read More

  • Rubber Refining Mill

    Contact NowRubber Refining MillSpecifications Rubber Refining Mill 1.Easy to operate and maintain 2.Chilled alloy cast iron roll 3.Stable performance and widely use Rubber refiner is mainly used for refining of reclaimed rubber and rubber sheeting.Read More

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