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◎ Rubber Mixing Mill

used rubber mixing mill Rubber Mixing Machine

Rubber Mixing Machine

Working Principle:

Two rollers rotate reversely with different speed,so the colloidal particles are drawn into the gap of the two rollers by the Friction.

Use for:

This machine is mainly used in Rubber Plastic Product factory for Natural Rubber Mixing(plasticating),Raw Rubber and Compound mixing,rubber warm-up mixing and pressing sheet.


This machine consists of Base,Rack,Gland,Rollers,Bearing,Transmission device,Lubrication device,Decelerator,Adjustment device of the roller temperature,Emergency shutdown device and brake rigging and etc.


1.Two rollers are made from Chilled Cast Iron,smooth surface is highly polished and scratch proof by cutting knife:high hardness(68-75HSD) and wear-resistant;

2.The roller is hollow structure,which is for adjusting the temperature of the rollers by steam or cooling water in term of different request,Circulation of steam and cooling water is provided through the rolls to control the temperature;

3.There are two kinds of Nip adjustment mode for option:manual or electric;

4.There are three kinds of Main bearings for option:Bearing or Copper bush or Nylon bush;

5.Machine will be tripped off if overloaded to protect valuable electrical circuit;

6.All electrical connections are well,short circuits is impossible by any means.

7.It can be with Stock Blender,or can provide provision to fit stock blender in future.

8.Provision for opening of Nip Guard is provided for the purpose of cleaning of rollers and nip;

9.Hand Operated Safety Switch is provided;

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