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rubber moulding hydraulic press Rubber Hydraulic Press

Rubber Hydraulic Press

Rubber hydraulic press is the main rubber molding machine for various rubber products and non-model products. The rubber molding press is suitable for molding to Oil Seal, O Ring, Gasket, building materials and other rubber products.


1. The main moving platen raises rapidly, clamps slowly, declines rapidly, close mould fast turn to slow and exhaust fast turn to slow can be adjusted respectively,production efficiency is improved.

2. Exhaust time, exhaust frequency, heating temperature and vulcanizing time can be setted, convenient for operation.

3. There are two work mode with manual and semi automatic mode.

4. The electric system adopts full computer control, it is more convenient, accurate and reliable for operation

5.Applicable line:Rubber Sheet, Oil Seal,O Ring,Gasket, Engine Mountings,Hardware Rubber, Molded Rubber Parts.

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