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◎ Rubber Extruder Machine

  • Rubber Pellet Extruder

    Contact NowRubber Pellet ExtruderThe machine also called rubber pelletizing extruder 1,CE&ISO Certificate 2,For rubber extruding 3,twin screw feeding, single extruding 4,wooden case package Rubber masterbatch single screw pelletizing extruder 1,Specifications This machine is normally used to produce...Read More2015-06-17

  • Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

    Contact NowCold Feed Rubber ExtruderOur extruding machine feature is: stable, durable, high efficiency, easy to operate and maintenance. Production Capacity of model 90: 250-400KG/h Production Capacity of model 120: 600-1000KG/h The screw material adopts 38CrMOALA alloy steel, after quenching and tempering, shaping,...Read More2015-06-18

  • used extruders for sale Hot Feed Rubber Extruder

    Contact Nowused extruders for sale Hot Feed Rubber ExtruderSpecifications Hot feed rubber extruder machine excellent quality, easy to operate energy saving, high yield lower temperature refined XJ-150 RUBBER EXTRUDER MACHINE IS USED FOR THE EXTRUSION OF HALF-FINISHED RUBBER PRODUCTS SUCH AS TIRE TREAD, INNER TUBE, RIM BAND AND RUBBER TUBE ETC. ...Read More2015-06-18

  • single screw extruder machine Pin Barrel Rubber Extruder

    Contact Nowsingle screw extruder machine Pin Barrel Rubber Extruder1. Screw is made of 38CrMoALA which is a dicephalous isometry screw thread, and screw thread is wearable owing to the surface of screw thread is heating nitrous treatment. 2. There is a hollow inter layer inside the frame, for water or oil heating and cooling. 3. The clearance between screw...Read More2015-06-18

  • cold feed rubber extruder Pin Barrel Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

    Contact Nowcold feed rubber extruder Pin Barrel Cold Feed Rubber ExtruderRubber extruder is widely used in extruding rubber hose, tubes, rubber sheet, inner liner, seals, wire cable, sheath, tire side wall, also be used to supply rubber for small size calender. Compare with ordinary pin barrel cold feed extruder.Our new type pin barrel cold feed rubber extruder has...Read More2015-06-18

  • Rubber Sheet Extruder

    Contact NowRubber Sheet ExtruderRubber Sheet extruder Usage This machine is normally used to produce rubber sheets. By just change mold head,can also extrude rubber sheet or rubber hose/pipe,rubber pellets. Features 1. It consists of main body, double-shaft feeder and die-face cutting system ect. 2. Material is...Read More2015-06-18

  • rubber extruder for sale EPDM Rubber Seal Extruder

    Contact Nowrubber extruder for sale EPDM Rubber Seal ExtruderModel : hot feed rubber extruder :XJ-30, XJ-65, XJ-85 , XJ-115 , XJ-150 Normal cold feed rubber extruder :xjw-65 , xjw-85 , xjw-115 Pin barrel cold feed rubber extruder :xjd-50 , xjd-65 , xjd-75 , xjd-90 , xjd-120 exhaust cold feed rubber extruder: xjd-90 we can also design for your need ...Read More2015-06-18

  • rubber extrusions and mouldings Rubber Strip Extruder

    Contact Nowrubber extrusions and mouldings Rubber Strip ExtruderIntroduction of rubber strip extruder Rubber Extruder USE: Use for rubber & plastic extruding and molding. Features : 1. Screw is made of best 38CrMoALA, its hardness is higher generally than HRC62 ( 60-65 ), Depth of nitrogen is higher than 0.55-0.7 mm ( 0.4-0.7 ) 2. Bush is also...Read More2015-06-18

  • Rubber Pipe Extruder

    Contact NowRubber Pipe ExtruderRubber extruder, rubber industry machine and most widely used one of important equipments. It is mainly used in tire tread, gaskets, tape, and other rubber extrusion, it is energy saving, high and low, good plasitcization and refined glue quality characteristic, is the foundation and the...Read More2015-06-18

  • EPDM Sealing Strips Extruder

    Contact NowEPDM Sealing Strips ExtruderSpecifications EPDM Rubber extruder High extrusion speed Easy operation Can produce various EPDM sealing strips (e.g. window and door sealing strips) by change suitable mold. Extruder If you need other model, or have other requirements. Please feel free to contact me.Read More2015-06-18

  • Rubber Cable Extruder

    Contact NowRubber Cable ExtruderThis machine mainly used for extrusion molding mixing rubber under usual temperature, when equipped with different machine head molds, can be used for both inside and outside rubber hose extrusion, all kinds of semi-finished extruded tire, wire and cable rubber out skin extrusion,extrusion...Read More2015-06-18

  • twin screw extruder for sale Twin Screw Rubber Extruder

    Contact Nowtwin screw extruder for sale Twin Screw Rubber ExtruderSpecifications twin screw silicone rubber extruder 1.excellent quality 2.ISO, CE, Ghost certificate 3.durable in use 4.low noise product name: high quality and lower price cold feeding twin screw silicone rubber extruder 1 ) Application Features Filtration colloidization's rubber...Read More2015-06-17

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