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Rubber Dispersion Kneading Mixer

Rubber Dispersion Kneading Mixer

1. Introduction

X(S)N-35/55/75/110 rubber dispersion kneading mixer also called rubber kneading mixer is used for mixing natural rubber or reclaimed rubber materials. It is widely used in tire plant, cable plant, tape hose plant, rubber shoe plant and rubber seal factory.

2. Advantages

(1.) Hard-toothed surface reducer. The gear materials made of low carbon alloy steel, after grinding. precision reaches National Six Stage Precision. It can greatly reduce the noise and vibration. Also it has 2-3 times life than traditional gears.

(2.) Hydraulic turnover. We gave up the past worm type turnover, eliminating the damage to the worm gear caused by wrong operation or bad environment.

(3.) Wet type seal. Compared with traditonal dry type seal, wet type seal is equiped with automatic lubrication system, the friction surface is always dilute oil lubrication, greatly expand the sealing ring service life, effectively improve the powder leakage problem.

3. Technique data


Mixing Capacity(L)


Main Motor(KW)

Flip Motor(KW)
Turnover Angle(°)140140140140
Compressed air pressure(Mpa)0.5~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.80.6~0.8
Rotor speed(front/behind)30/24.5r/min30/24.5r/min30/24.5r/min30/24.5r/min
Water Cooling(Mpa)0.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.40.3-0.4
Steam Heating(Mpa)0.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.8
Compressed air flow(m³/min)≥0.9≥1.0≥1.0≥1.5
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