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◎ Rubber Cracker Mill

  • crushing machine for sale Rubber Crushing Machine

    Contact Nowcrushing machine for sale Rubber Crushing Machinerubber crusher mill features: 1. Base Seat: Adopts 250mm H shape steel welded together,Full welding at all necessary Joint & Grind properly.After welding adopts nominalizing treatment. So the whole machine structure is very strong and stable.Our rubber refining mill have...Read More

  • Rubber Cracker Machine

    Contact NowRubber Cracker MachineSpecifications rubber cracker machine( mill) 1.one roller is smooth , anther is grooved 2.three kind bush and reducer 3. 5-30 mesh(about 4.0--0.6mm) rubber powder Rubber cracker mill is mainly used for cracking crude rubber, used tyre scrap, fine breaking rubber black and waste collection....Read More

  • waste tyre recycling plant Waste Tire Recycling Plant

    Contact Nowwaste tyre recycling plant Waste Tire Recycling PlantWaste tyre recycling plant is consist of ring cutter, loop machine(bead wire seperator), strip cutter, block cutter, rubber cracker mill, conveyor belt and screen, etc. if you want to make reclaimed rubber, you'll need rubber open mixing mill and rubber refining mill. For details, please...Read More

  • Waste Tyre Cracker

    Contact NowWaste Tyre CrackerWaste Tyre Cracker, also called waste tire cracker Model: XKP-560 Working diameter of front roller(mm) : 560 Working diameter of rear roller(mm): 510 Working length of rollers(mm): 800 Working linear speed of front roller(m/min) :25.56 Friction ratio of front and rear roller: 1:1.30 Max...Read More

  • tyre shredder for sale Tyre Shredder Mill

    Contact Nowtyre shredder for sale Tyre Shredder MillSpecifications tyre shredder mill also called tire shredder mill 1. High capacity 2. Centrifugal cast roll hardness 3. Suitable for steel wire tire and others high quality and effective XKP- 560 tyre shredder mill 1- Name : Rubber crusher,Rubber craker,craker mill,tyre powder...Read More

  • tire shredder machine for sale Tire Shredder Machine

    Contact Nowtire shredder machine for sale Tire Shredder Machine1. The shredding chamber is closely mated with the left-hand drive. 2. The shredding chamber is a combined structure and the cutter shaft adopts rolling bearings, which is convenient for both installation and maintenance. 3. The cylinder sieve will repeatedly send those unqualified chips or...Read More

  • Rubber Powder Machine

    Contact NowRubber Powder MachineMachines In Tyre Recycle Line to make rubber powder For more detailsl,please feel free to contact me.Read More

  • Scrap Tyre Crumb Processing Machine

    Contact NowScrap Tyre Crumb Processing MachineWe make the whole equipments for Scrap Tyre Crumb Processing, to make rubber powder, or reclaimed rubber sheet. Application: This machine is a special equipment for crushing waste steel wire radial tyre under normal temperature, used to take out the steel wire of tyre in the scope of the...Read More

  • Rubber Recycling Plant

    Contact NowRubber Recycling PlantThis rubber recycling plant could process nylon and radial tyres and other rubber waste automatically. The outer diameter of tyres could be maximum 1,200mm. If the outer diameter of tyre is more than 1,200mm, then we need to pre-treatment, cutting big tyre into small pieces no more than...Read More

  • waste tyre recycling machine Waste Tyre Recycling Machines

    Contact Nowwaste tyre recycling machine Waste Tyre Recycling MachinesWaste tire rubber recycling machines Waste tyre rubbe recycling plant is used to Recycle waste tires into rubber powder. Energy saving 1/3 compared with the old model. Final products are rubber powder (99.9% purity), wire steel , and nylon. Different production lines for your various...Read More

  • reclaim rubber manufacturing process Reclaim Rubber Plant

    Contact Nowreclaim rubber manufacturing process Reclaim Rubber PlantReclaimed rubber plant is a series of machines. It's consist of rubber powder plant + reclaim rubber sheet plant. Rubber powder plant consist of main machine plus accessoties. reclaimed rubber sheet plant main is rubber open mixing mill and rubber refining mill, some adoptes rubber...Read More

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