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plastic extrusion machine for sale Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

The machine is used to extrude plastic pipe/hose, sheet, pellets, by changing different mold.

Suitable for material as below:

1.Mixing  nature-changing:


2.Filling nature-changing:

PE,PP,EVA,Calcium carbonate,talcum powder,titanic powder;

ABS,PC,PS,Aluminum hydroxide,magnesium hydroxide,antimony oxide;

PP,PA,ABS+ferrous powder,sulphuric powder,ceramic powder

3.Functional machine pellets:

PP,PA,ABS,PBT+anti-burning agent and other auxiliary agents:combustion-supporting machine pellets;

PS+starch:de-composing machine pellets,PE+fog-preventing dipper,stabilizer:dual-prevention machine pellets;PE,EVA,ABS+carbon black:black machine pellets

4.Colored machine pellets:

PE,PP,ABS,AS,PA,EVA,PET+pigment and auxiliary

Intensified glass fibres and carboon fibres:

PP,PBT,ABS,AS,PA,PC,POM,PPS,PET+long fires,small fibres,crystals

5.Various cables:


PE peroxide silicon 

6.special materials:

EVA heat-melting glue,polyurethane,fluorion rubber

7.Reaction extruding:

Polyamide condensate,polyamide melting polymerization,polyethene-adding

8.Exhausting and volatilization:

Polystyrene oxide,high-absorbing resin,chlorine sulphur polyethylene

9.Powder paint:

Polyester,ring oxide,lactide,polyurethane,acrylate

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