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single screw extruder machine Pin Barrel Rubber Extruder

Pin Barrel Rubber Extruder

1. Screw is made of 38CrMoALA which is a dicephalous isometry screw thread, and screw thread is wearable owing to the surface of screw thread is heating nitrous treatment.

2. There is a hollow inter layer inside the frame, for water or oil  heating and cooling.

3. The clearance between screw and frame measured in diameter should be 0.330-0.447mm.

4. This machine has force feeding roll, can automatically pull rubber strip raw material in , then screw rotation presses it to the head, press strip through filtration web or hose mold head.

5. The head section is loaded with the thermometer , measure the temperature of the head , control the temperature of head .

6. Also can add auto powder device into the mold head.

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