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What Is The Importance Of Rubber Machinery?

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

    In fact, in different industries, we use the production machinery which has a certain importance, and in rubber machinery, the existence of tire machinery is not easy to this importance. The world is more than half of the rubber are used to process the tire, which we can also see the role of rubber machinery. In order to let us better understand him, LEADER rubber machinery will do the following for us.

    Usually we will use rubber machinery to the bead ring and tread to be processed, he processed into tire tire. Then we can also be classified according to the different role, generally use the general type and the type of lunch. The general tires of his fetal body is a certain degree of inclination, when he was in the shape of the time we have to put him in the drum on the drum, but also on both sides of the wire ring, and also in the middle of the place to He adds tread rubber and buffer layer, so that when he is in the shape of the shape will become cylindrical.

    And the meridian type of tires he and the general type of time difference, this difference is reflected in the buffer layer and the carcass angle, he is nearly straight, so that when the buffer layer in the shape of his shape can not appear relatively large Change. Of course, the radial tire and general tires of their molding machine is not the same. If it is a molding machine to shape it is a molding, if our carcass is used to improve the tire that we are called two forming.