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The Strong Development Of China Plastics Machinery Attracted The World's Attention

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2015

In recent years, Chinese press market maintained steady growth. By 2010, demand will increase to about 100,000 units of national plastic machine. Among them, the injection molding machines accounted for about 35%, extrusion unit accounted for about 25%, about 5% blow molding machine, other press about 35%. In view of the rapid development of the whole industry, many past production machines and enterprises also started production of presses for military products, coupled with the rapid development of individual and collective enterprises and ordinary presses increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market. In particular, although there are not many Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, but its output has accounted for more than 40% of the domestic total gross output value of industry, with a strong competitive edge.

Therefore, in General, to rely on lower-end products to seize the market, I am afraid that living space is becoming smaller. Enterprises on the industry, the way out is to turn to developing high-end machine. 50 years of development, China's plastics machinery industry had gone through from scratch, from small to large, from unknown to world famous course. Injection molding machine is the first large Chinese plastic machinery industry products, development of injection molding machine has been praised by the machine industry in the world.

Currently, China vertical injection machine of development rendering highlights, vertical injection machine output in China plastic machine industry in the ranked first, plastic mechanical of three big class products followed by is injection machine, and extrusion machine and blow plastic machine, they accounted for plastic mechanical gross of 80% above, which injection machine and accounted for above three big class varieties gross of 50% above; injection machine of years production total ranked world first, 2006, world injection machine of annual for 91480 Taiwan, and China city of injection production for 57600 Taiwan, Injection molding machine in the world with an annual output of 62.97%, of which injection molding machine in Ningbo in China with an annual output around the world with an annual output of one-third, is the world's largest production base of injection molding machine; injection moulding machine's GDP ranked third in the world, ranking first in the European, in second place was Japan.