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The Development Prospects Of Carding Machine

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

The working efficiency of the carding machine is improved with the improvement of the carding and carding process. The 1950s study of high-speed carding process, but also improve the production capacity of the carding machine. In order to adapt to the extensive use of metal clothing and high-speed requirements, carding machine has been widely equipped with a doffer speed (fast speed) device to facilitate the operation; using autoleveller device (see draft autoleveling), to improve the length of fiber The use of automatic changer and a variety of safety, process self-stop device to reduce the labor intensity of workers to increase the suction and removal of cotton, fly and dust equipment, improve the working environment, reducing the yarn defects. Modern carding machine to continue to high quality, high yield, low consumption direction. As the carding machine needle spacing is very small, the operation speed is getting higher and higher, people to improve the machining accuracy, improve the quality of clothing to ensure that the carding of the stability and reliability of more attention. In the high-speed operating conditions, the needle cloth anti-rolling safety, suction dust and other devices have yet to be further improved. Card card on the additional carding, double unit, blowing comb, comb and other measures are also gradually adopted. Some countries have widened the machine frame, enhanced the carding ability of the main comb, improved the carding machine, improved the ability to clear the grass and so on, as the subject of exploration.