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The Daily Maintenance And Repair Of Rubber Mixing Mill

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 25, 2017

What are the daily maintenance and repair work of Rubber Mixing Mill? Today, Qingdao Steady Machinery told us one to analyze and explain:

First, lubrication

    1. Roller bearings with dry oil lubrication, in operation should always check the lubrication piping system is smooth. Mixing machine

    2. Speed gear bearing lubrication with grease, before the machine can be used in the body of grease, in the use of grease should always be added to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

    3. To regularly check the quality of oil, pay special attention to the oil in the reducer cleaning and oil. Generally every six months for a whole oil, reducer oil regularly through the oil standard to check.

    4. The distance device part. Worm and worm, screw and silk with butter every 6 months replacement. Mixing machine

    5. Reducer with n150 gear oil, the size of the drive gear and roller speed gear is n42 gear oil lubrication, adding oil to be able to touch the teeth is appropriate, and should check the amount of fuel before work.

    6. Lubricants that drive gears and gear ratios are replaced every 6 months.

    Second, safety and maintenance

    1. To constantly replace the heating and cooling device seal packing to plug the run, run, drip, drain.

    2. When the machine is repaired, if you want to remove the large driven gear shaft, it is forbidden to strike the gear pair with hammer. Mixing machine

    3. The operator should always pay attention to the lubrication system oil supply, whether the continuous oil supply, and on time to fill the oil filling position; when the machine stops using, the parking should be fully cleaned up before the car to do a comprehensive check before the trip Drive to ensure safety.

    4. Operation should pay attention to the surrounding environment clean, so as not to affect the quality of rubber, while damage to the machine, if there are other items mixed, prohibit the use of hand or other items, should immediately pull the emergency stop device. Mixing machine