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New Type Conveyor Belt Joint Press

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 16, 2015

MVJP series electric conveyor belt vulcanizing machine compared with similar products:
 1, using unique technology, unique technology of automatic precision digital control system, curing temperature uniformity, precise, curing pressure evenly, easy to operate. Vulcanizer beams of high quality aerospace aluminum alloy (7005-TS) materials, light weight, 1/3 lighter than similar models, high-strength, ultra-high pressure deformation. Quality, reliable and durable. The product won the national utility model patents (Patent No. ST922199904.1), to fill the gap, more than counterparts advanced level.
 2, parts and components produced by our company vulcanized joints machines, repair machines use have good versatility and interchangeability, all electrical control systems and pressure full range of products are common, only a curing equipment, namely, can be achieved on the conveyor belt repair the damaged point, edge, line, surface, tear, really achieve a machine can, for the use of the unit cost savings. Other similar models do not have this feature.
 3, the upper and lower heating plate selection LY12-CZ high-quality high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy and aerospace aluminum, using a special refining process, a small thickness, light weight, uniform heating. Its characteristics: (1) small size, weight reduction half, low energy consumption, fast heating, after heating the entire plate surface with considerable flexibility, more closely than conventional tape machine under 1.5Mpa pressure, which is parallel to close no more than 0.1mm, the general conventional machine does not have this capability. (2) the upper and lower heating plate uniform heating of each point, 10min after entering the incubation stage, the temperature difference between the points Face only ± 3 ℃, exceed the international standards. (3) rises from room temperature vulcanizing (145 ℃) of time is less than 25min, power is lower than half of similar models at home and abroad, a good energy saving effect. (4) glued or vulcanized patch forming, gluing parts flat, smooth, and no different from the original tapes, fastness of more than 98% of the original band. (5) the heating layer, insulation Trinity, the structure is simple and easy to install.
 (6) the upper and lower heating plate roughness Pa≯6.3um working plane. A hot plate in the insulation resistance ≮2MΩ cold (room temperature), and in the hot state (vulcanized) insulation resistance ≮0.5MΩ. After the ohmic heating, its leakage current ≯30mA.
 4, the international advanced once-through cooling water circulating apparatus heating layer configuration. High temperature rapidly cooled from 145 ℃ to 70 ℃, as long as 5 minutes, speed up glued progress, improve belt joint strength, maintenance belt fitting (water-cooling system is optional system).
 5, the handle has a soft connection active features, not hot during high temperature operation, exterior chrome, bright and beautiful, small and exquisite.
 6, pressure bags:
 (1) Pressure bag with international advanced refining process, due to the special structure, the overall compression evenly through numerous 1.875Mpa / 30min high-pressure test, no leakage, no relief pressure is maintained 72 hours, more than the international standard. (2) The bags can be hydraulic pressure, pneumatic dual.
 7, the power line using a special six-core one flat plug, changed the conventional multi-line multi-plug ills, truly integrated circuit simplification.
 8, automatic electrical control box:
 (1) Automatic electrical control box main electronic components used in Japan Fuji, Germany Schneider and SKG products, digital display and intuitive instrument, good quality and durable. Pre-curing time, temperature, the whole curing process fully automatic operation.
 (2) is equipped with overload, short circuit, leakage protection leakage performance automatic switch, to ensure personal safety.
 (3) integrated circuit, operating procedures automation, unified plugs, sockets, the electrical control box with the company all series curing machine, patching machine GM, conventional machine is no such performance.
 9, rod, nuts, high-strength alloy material, light weight, high strength, easy to operate.
10, with the face in the real-time repair feature. Our selection of quality products LY12-CZ, 7005-TS high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy material, the use of special refining process, small size, light weight (weight of light by half compared to similar products, the largest single piece of light weight), low energy consumption, heating up fast, suitable for a variety of environmental work in the field of real-time surface repair tasks, save time, reduce the losses due to failure caused by the conveyor belt, improve work efficiency.