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Improve Air jet loom productivity

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2015

Its high-speed air-jet looms, high-quality, high degree of automation, wide adaptability, and other advantages of products has been widely used. Can take advantage of air-jet looms, and achieved good economic benefits, depends largely on its weaving efficiency, and efficiency of air-jet looms warp preparation is the key to quality effect.

    In the weaving process. Jet loom is used in high frequency, small openings, high tension, strong beating process, which requires the warp yarns have high strength, low unevenness, wear smooth and elastic weaving performance. Therefore, optimization warp preparation technology is very important. Now on relevant issues are discussed below.

Selection 1 original yarn

Raw yarn should be selected species level, user requirements as a prerequisite to weavability basis. Effective to target. Jet loom weft insertion rate of 1 500 ~ 2000m / min, the warp yarns during the weaving process by force, strain also large, sensitive elastic stretch and recovery, since the increased friction caused increased hairiness. It warps easily cause confusion and breakage during weaving. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of air-jet looms. Original yarn selection should consider the following indicators.

1.1 yarn strength index (in 40s yarn, for example)

Practice has proved that yarn breaking strength for air jet loom woven fabrics are generally higher than 10%, with shuttle loom warp yarn rupture strength of 13.5 cN / tex can be, and air-jet loom warp single yarn to reach 15 cN / tex. Non-ring new yarn, although its strength is lower than ring-spun yarn, but because of its evenness, yarn faults, details, etc. better than ring yarn, it is more than the strength requirements can basically meet the efficiency requirements: yarn lowest strength greater than 170 cN (routine test); yarn single strong CV values to be controlled to 9% to 10%, 25% level of Uster; elongation at break of not less than 2%.

1.2 dry, yarn faults, hairiness

Jet loom warp surface should be smooth, uniform, tensile strength, abrasion resistance. Overseas research shows. The reason 61% of yarn breakage is caused by yarn detail, 39% is weak twist yarn, slub, joints and other problems caused. Hairiness problem not only affects the efficiency of the loom, but also affects the appearance of the product. For high speed air-jet looms, since its opening frequently, hairiness warp opening is small, the length of 3 mm greater than it has seriously affected the warp opening, due to the obstruction of the weft flight stoppages. Therefore. Yarn original CV value should not be less than the 50% level Uster97 bulletin; often made of yarn defects should reach Uster 97 BO 25% to 50% level (which details Uster 25% level); 3 mm and above should be less hairiness 60 / 10m.

2 winding process

The purpose is to change the winding package yarn clearing, the basic requirement is to do well shaped, small loss of elasticity, density, small tension differences. Equipment selection to automatic winding as well. Be "fixed length, knotless, unblemished." Main achieved technical indicators are: the knot in the form of twisted head; joint strength is maintained at 85% of the original yarn strength: strong twisted qualified rate to reach 85%; twisted fineness is less than 1.2 times the original yarn: Electric Qing efficiency greater than 80%: warping breakage is less than 1 / • one hundred ten thousand meters.

3 warping process

Warping is the basis for sizing. Principles warping process is little tension, the speed, the pressure, the three evenly. Density fabric generally use the "low strength, tight winding," the warping process. In order to ensure the "three uniform", to do the cheese of the same size, bulk changer. Decapitation operations do find head clear, small knot, to prevent the wave sizing process. When off-axis, from yarn to be fixed to ensure uniform sizing of the arrangement. The main evaluation indicators are: warping one hundred ten thousand meters breakage control at 0.3 to 0.6. Good warp beam axis ratio greater than 98%, yarn unwinding tension difference of less than 2 g, the braking distance is less than 3 m, warp beam winding density control in 0.5 ~ 0.6 g / cm3, warp arrangement evenness less than ± 5%.

4 sizing process

Sizing is key to improving the efficiency of air-jet looms. The purpose is to enhance sizing, wear protection and extended appressed hairiness. To use a different process depending on the specific application variety.

4.1 slurry Select

The slurry distributed to the yarn mainly in two forms: one is the parent and pulp. Another adsorption slurry. Affinity pulp primarily by affinity binding molecules and fiber pulp produced macromolecules. The adsorption pulp slurry mainly by their adhesion and attached to the yarn. Different varieties sizing different emphasis, therefore, the slurry is selected to be, depending on the variety. To enhance the sizing should be selected based pulp fiber macromolecule macromolecules and affinity large slurry; coating based sizing to select affinity for small slurry appressed hairiness. Currently domestic pulp mainly for jet weaving PVA, starch and acrylic syrup, for different varieties with different proportions combinations (Table 1), together with the different combinations of pressure leaching can basically meet the requirements.

PVA affinity with cotton and polyester is greater than the affinity, not to PVA ratio based on pure cotton yarn in order to reduce the rate of sizing; in polyester / cotton ratio to PVA mainly because polyester / cotton In the process of cotton yarn more fiber yarn distributed in the surface layer, is appressed hairiness and beneficial to dry sub-cutter and with a PVA-based ratio. Of course, the main stock on the basis of need and then with softener, smoothing agent supporting slurry.

4.2 sizing process

The purpose of sizing process selection: One is to ensure a constant sizing rate does not fluctuate; the second is serous complete; the third is the ratio of the slurry coating penetration and coordination. Select the corresponding process parameters pressure, speed and immersion pressure mode. Slurry concentration, viscosity is constant. Sizing rate varies with squeezing force change. Modern sizing machines are equipped with high and low pressure switch, stepless voltage regulation function. In fact, when the vehicle speed change, stepless voltage regulation, although achieved consistent sizing rate, but the impact of the proportion of penetration and coated. Especially the excessive pressure release at low, resulting in excessive surface pulp, dry sub-cutter difficult, so it is very important to maintain a constant speed.

4.3 The main evaluation indicators

Sizing quality assurance is to improve the efficiency of air-jet weaving effective way, so the sizing quality assessment is particularly important. The main indicators are: sizing sizing passing rate greater than 90%; sizing error rate is less than 1%; sizing regain passing rate greater than 85%: the elongation is less than 1.5%; good weaving beam axle ratio greater than 90%: Enhanced rate to reach 25% to 35%: serous complete rate greater than 80%: hairiness be reduced by 70% to 75%: Save elongation is less than 30%.

5 Conclusion

1) improve the efficiency of air-jet looms, raw yarn choice is guaranteed. In the air jet loom weaving. Jingwei root causes of the high rate of breakage is due to the emergence of the details of yarn minimum force. Strong unevenness is an important indicator.

2) to improve the efficiency of air-jet looms. Sizing is key. One is to choose a good slurry ratio: The second is to coordinate the slurry formulation, sizing process route and the Baptist pressure and other factors, in order to achieve the best results.

3) System of warp preparation of the links, optimizing processes with high-quality management and skilled operation skills. In order to achieve the best results.