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Energy Saving of Injection Molding Machine

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2015

Traditional heating plastic injection machinery market generally used as electric coil heating, the heat conduction through contact spread on the barrel, only against the inside of the tube surface of the heat to spread the barrel, so the heat outside most dissipated into the air, there is a loss of heat transfer, and lead to the ambient temperature rises. Further resistance wire heating Another disadvantage is the low power density, in some of the higher temperatures required heating applications will not be able to adapt. Our principle is to use energy-saving injection molding machine electromagnetic induction heating, as a new heating system, which breaks the traditional electric coil (resistance wire) the heating mode, using the most advanced eddy current heating principle of magnetic induction, ie, the current through the coil generates a magnetic field, the magnetic field when the magnetic field lines make inner conductive magnetic metal material through a metal body produces numerous small eddy, the metal material itself own high-speed heating, to heating the metal material objects body temperature.