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Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Is Developing In Leaps

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 06, 2015

Currently, plastic machinery has a significant qualitative change: process is more complex and with a high degree of automation technology and equipment. Therefore, the increased requirements for mathematical model of the process and its consistency with polymer processing and actual conditions.

In the process of production of tube film, those traditional machines for preparation of melt structure, such as screw extrusion machines, there is fundamental change (first is the geometry of the screw and barrel work surface), using a new type of filter, nose and thin film structures such as heat treatment and a traction device. Production of tube film process and equipment improvements to improve the productivity of the production line for 0.5-1 times, and film thickness margin dropped to 50%.

Currently in machine building, construction equipment widely used combination principle, that every major institution in the process can be completed independently of maximum possible functionality. Not only can be used to improve the uniformity of equipment can also be quickly and timely and to modernize the production line of local and favourable precondition for the creation of an alternative to outdated equipment and body. For example using shear sections of the screw and mixing elements, as well as the inner barrel with Groove, can improve the productivity of extruders for 0.5-1 times, and to maintain the necessary melt temperature and improve its uniformity (homogeneity).