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Chinese Injection Molding Industry Broad Space For Development

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2015

Tremendous development potential of China's injection molding industry, the rapid growth of the injection molding industry has opened up a vast space. Almost all of the injection molding products, nearly 85 percent must be by injection molding. In recent years, China's economic development has been a straight up, people's growing demand for life, we need to automotive, construction, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries to the growing injection products, and promote the entire injection molding technology standards development and improvement, also led to the development of injection molding industry SMEs.
Champoux consulting industry analysts pointed out that currently, the injection molding industry is labor-intensive and technology combine analytical phase, in order to be able to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, we have to adapt to the pace of the times, changing enterprise development model and experience concept. A wide range of injection molding industry design, process more complex, knowledge covering material performance, product mix, mold structure, mechanical principles, such as multiple aspects.
Injection molding management is a systematic project. Fine management is a trend, fine quality, sophisticated management, key management where the fine is, rules are critical control points. Establish core competitiveness of enterprises, develop their own quality, it is the way of the development of enterprises important employees.
Therefore, factors affecting the injection molding industry quickly capture the market are the following:
1, materials and warehouse management confusion;
2, production orders indefinite, resulting in production design and shop management discord;
3, the production process complex, large gaps;
4, information is not smooth, cost accounting is not accurate. Through the above points we otherwise found only reasonable solution to the relationship between them, it will make us the way forward.