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Sort of Plate Vulcanizing Press

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2015

Vulcanizing machine from the appearance of the form is divided into: The main function of pillar vulcanizing machine and frame vulcanizing press vulcanizing machine: Used to suppress rubber products, plastic products, silicone products, fluorine rubber products, polyurethane products, diamond plate, synthetic slate, bakelite synthetic products, molded products, such as polymer nano-materials and various non-suppression of the production of molded products. Vulcanizing machine: a plane uniform pressure, hot plate temperature constant, per unit area pressure,, easy to operate, low maintenance, etc. vulcanizing machine to provide products required for vulcanization pressure, temperature in daily production time. control. Vulcanizing machine works: the pressure generated by the hydraulic cylinder by a hydraulic system, the temperature raised by the heating medium, time time relay control.