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Rubber Mixing and Placement Notice

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 20, 2015

(A), the principle

1. After kneading the rubber to prevent rubber adhesion, spread talcum powder on the surface, or talcum powder dispersed rubber immersion cooling tank, pulled back, rubber drying, talc adhesion surface to prevent sticking rubber phase. Our company is to make gum solution through the release agent, after cold feeder (with a fan blowing) for cooling. After the film (or granulated) plastic material, which is still up showings temperature 80-90 ℃. Rubber is a poor conductor of heat, stored at such temperatures, leading to scorch, and therefore must be forced cooling.

2, rubber cooled must be cooked to a park in order to achieve the following objectives:

(1), so that plastic material fatigue, mechanical stress suffered when kneading relaxation;

(2), shrinkage reducing compound;

(3), with the agent continues to spread in the parking process, in order to promote uniform dispersion;

(4), so that further generation bound rubber, improved between the rubber and the reinforcing effect of carbon black.

3, rubber custody to entry into the park when cooked

(1), mix the sample in accordance with the requirements of the thickness of the backsheet material, after the films were shown to be aged, stored in a rubber warehouse, placed in a smooth, clean, dry metal plate is cooled to room temperature (efficient management method is to refine into the rubber accumulation on the trolley to move freely) and then at 23 +/- 2 ℃ condition, park 22-24 hours, and to prevent moisture absorption. When the rubber material needs remill shall remill roll away, roll back requirements mild mixing time will be.

(2) When storing mix should be properly managed, otherwise quality problems may also occur, such as mild scorch like.

Gum during storage, the temperature must be controlled and shorten storage time, to avoid scorching. Send and receive plastic materials, should register recorded, according to the order in which they use. Prone to scorch or stock performance unstable compound should be treated differently, not only to be stored separately, often overturned, so that timely dissemination of internal heat, but also to use as soon as possible. For easy to scorch the gum every 2-3 days, turning once, for general rubber flip once every 6-7 days. On the return of plastic materials, particularly scrap, to be kept separate, not with the original film intermixing. On the schedule, it should be accurate, reducing the backlog and shorten the cycle time.

Higher summer temperatures, with particular attention to management. Common cooling storage methods are: with a release agent, cooling water refrigeration cycle; the establishment of a library or air conditioning gum gum underground storage compound library; also available water curtain glue library that the library walls with a plastic water pipe, water is sprayed onto sacks to cool down.

In short, storage should pay attention to the following points:

a, plastic library ventilated, plastic materials protected from direct sunlight, the room temperature should be lower, pay attention to summer cooling;

b, rubber piled not too high, and regularly flip, in order to facilitate dissemination of internal heat;

c, storage time should not be too long.