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Hydraulic machinery industry development prospect in China

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

To keep pace and the development of the latest technology, hydraulic technology must evolve and continue to enhance and improve the performance of components and systems in order to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Is expected to to 2015 domestic on hydraulic, and liquid force, and pneumatic, and sealed products needs total, will by 2005 of 20 billion yuan increased to about 35 billion yuan which, hydraulic products by more than 10 billion yuan increased to 20 billion yuan, liquid force products by more than 1 billion yuan increased to more than 2 billion yuan, hydraulic technology penetration to many field, constantly in civilian industrial, and in machine, and engineering mechanical, and metallurgical mechanical, and plastic mechanical, and Agriculture and forestry mechanical, and car, and ship, industry get significantly of application and development.

In response to the new situation after China joined the WTO, hydraulic industry enterprises to accelerate scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve our market competitiveness, a group of high quality products successfully for State key projects and key wind turbine, achieved good economic and social benefits. At present, hydraulic industry has a certain scale of production companies with more than 1000 companies, of which more than about more than 300 major enterprises. Equipment of the national West-East gas pipeline project in Dalian hydraulic component factory and Shanxi Changzhi hydraulic component factory steering vane pump, is a key part in medium and heavy vehicle steering systems, current annual output has reached more than 100,000. Tianjin fine hydraulic company of static hydraulic driving device and multi-way valve, huzhou shengli hydraulic part the company's versatile slide-valve, Guizhou fengyang hydraulic company, Wuxi hefeng machinery company hydraulic equipment and so on, were well received by users. Thus hydraulic products, such as in the national economy and national defense construction in a position and role is very important. It can best meet the necessary conditions for mechanical and electrical products to diversify their function, and is also the basic guarantee for completion of major construction projects, major technology and equipment.