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Domestic waste rubber tires using technology is still much room for improvement

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 25, 2015

Rubber Technology Network - Industry Analysis]
     With the rapid development of China's auto industry, waste tires and waste rubber more and more. How to make these wastes can pollute the lowest, or to be more clean, more environmentally friendly, more modern industrial state of the show, of waste into treasure, into resources, we are now very concerned about the hot spots.
    China has become the world's largest rubber manufacturing and processing bases, it is a large country in the world consumption of raw rubber, but also produced the world's first waste rubber products. In this state, the world is watching how China's handling of these waste rubber, at the same time, this is every enterprise should consider the matter. We can not put their used products so responsibly thrown without nature, it pollute the environment. Whether it is business or tire recycling economy enterprises are very concerned about the environment it is necessary to concern scientific and technological progress, any behavior can no longer pursue profit at the expense of the environment.
    At present, some tire manufacturers have to consider the issue in the product life cycle, and some still consider establishing recycling system, back in the formulation with a certain proportion of waste tires manufactured or recycled rubber powder. But have to admit, the use of domestic waste rubber tires there are still some aspects of problems to be solved.
    Prior desulfurization kept hidden
    Now, as scrap rubber products, the biggest cases or waste tires. Right now a lot of domestic tire manufacturing process is the use of desulfurization technology imported from Germany, since 1989, has been using this technique for decades, there is a high energy consumption, heavy pollution, explosive and other safety hazards, so many years and No major breakthrough on the content. Industries and companies are now considering the next generation of technology to solve problems through waste tires, thereby changing the current status of serious pollution that exists in this industry.
    Generally speaking, we have a comprehensive utilization of waste tire basic process is to put it crushed, then put inside the skeleton and rubber waste separation, the simplest and most environmentally friendly way to make powder. As a powder, the process just consume some mechanical energy, it grated ground is not going to produce flue gas, waste water pollution. From the protection of the environment, this is one of the most energy-efficient, most environmentally friendly application mode. Currently, these not only return to the tire rubber powder trial, it is also used extensively for road asphalt, waterproof material selection and other areas, in the construction sector have utilized such as cement.
    A key technique is the use of powder activated, the activation becomes a concern of many scholars. Because if you do not activate it, the powder will mix with some of the problems at the interface binding, affect tire quality. Of course, there are some improvements activation technology tools, these mechanisms are modified by many scholars attention and study.
    Reclaimed rubber production process behind
    Let me say extensive use of recycled rubber in our country problems. There was a time, recycled rubber, synthetic rubber, natural rubber has been called "third world" argument. This is because a lot of rubber products companies are willing to use some inexpensive plastic types, which we think is to be reclaimed rubber is cheap processed raw materials. Recycled rubber last year, national statistics about 380 million tons of annual output, is actually a very large capacity.
    Some of the traditional recycled rubber processing technology, the ultimate goal is to its original three-dimensional network sabotage, so characteristic of vulcanized rubber restored to part of the processing characteristics similar to rubber compound. At present, the domestic large-scale use of traditional or a dynamic desulfurization method, but now there are some new method, which uses a continuous regeneration method and pressure. However, since this process requires higher temperatures tend to produce a lot of smoke, plus the equipment used by businesses are open, the flue gas generated in the process is very large, the temperature used is also relatively high.
    Recall that the domestic tire industry, from the earliest workshops, to use an open mill mixing, and then mixing with a mixer, because the use of carbon black, dust, rubber industrial pollution enterprises always gives a very dark feeling. After that came the rubber machine, the production has become a modern, automated, recipe automatic weighing, the production environment is also greatly eased. At the same time, companies use a lot of advanced extruders, molding machines, so that the tire manufacturing industry into the ranks of modernization.
    However, recycled rubber production technology is completely different, most companies are still using simple low-end equipment, very backward, pollution is very large. Given this background, we really need an advanced technology to promote the development of supporting industries.
    Old black rubber extraction getting attention
    Now, the so-called status quo soil refining some provinces are: hidden in some remote places, risking all day smelling smoke, polluting the natural environment, and some even buried in the ground, like underground, like the furnace, some of the air slowly floating smoke. Because more subtle, ostensibly not have pollution, but most of these exhaust gases into the environment of nature, not done any treatment.
    Earlier because oil is more expensive, those of inferior material resulting, has become an important channel for some companies and people money. Every day car to pull these poor oil a day to earn several million. However, when the carbon black is not a very important by-product, as a discarded waste is disposed of simplicity.
    Now, the black handle scrap rubber generated a lot of tire companies has become the focus of attention, because it can replace the same amount of conventional carbon black, and have a very clear price advantage. Some scholars believe that the carbon originally comes from the tires, and then return to the tires should be very appropriate choice. If this product can do, to the resolve of the technology to do so to the tire, the tire back on, no problem at all.
    In alternative experiments we conducted a number of manufacturers, but also prove that the carbon black has a lot of advantages in performance, such as elongation, tensile strength have a good performance, in addition to decline a certain hardness outside. Evaluation according to the manufacturer, this certain quantity of carbon black can be used instead of the traditional black.