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Carding machine faults and solutions

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

1. cylinder part of machine vibration: foot loose; cylinder balancing poor cant rip the sleeve loose; cover plate belts too tight

2. heat the cylinder axis bearing oil shortage or excessive wear; drive belts too tight.

3. speed not working belt loose; wall flower congestion bearing equipped flexible; overload

4. abnormal noise of roller parts: mechanical collision around the roller and cotton rolls filled with metal and hard debris.

5. roller bearing heating: misfit bearing position is bearing and shaft shoulder; poor lubrication of the bearing or badly worn; the bearing inner ring and stabbed poor roller Assembly, slip between the inner ring and shaft heat caused by loose, too tight causing travel clearance of rolling bearings are too small to roll down the frictional heating;

Roller secondary drive gauge is not straight; the belt too tight.

6. Astoria gears of gear train noise, bias or poor meshing gear shaft not parallel or defaced; gear and shell access.