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Belt conveyor tail led moves to automate

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

It is understood through the transformation of stageloaders, holding outside the automation of belt conveyor tail can be achieved, not only can save a lot of labor costs each month, but also can save a lot of the cost of materials. Reproduced on the lap belt conveyor tail machine is, after working for some time, belt conveyor tail will move outward some distance, because of the heavy load machine head, so in addition to the holding belt when you want to advance in four bolts on each side of the tail. Then chains connect the telescopic cylinder tail. With cylinder back and forth telescopic, dragging the tail moved forward slowly, holding SHIFT belt tail is not only time-consuming, or easy to pull bad flooring, hides a lot of security risks.

In response to this situation, made out of belt conveyor tail unit, use brackets instead of the waste tank, made up of two welded into an l-shaped, were installed in the bridge type reprinted on the head, and made with recycled steel and old plates glide path. Holding SHIFT belt conveyor tail is reproduced with a vertical cylinder head lift, and then pushed forward with horizontal cylinder belt conveyor tail. Doing so saves time and effort, the original four or five to finish the work now can be completed.