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A good injection molding machine with a 5H

Qingdao Steady Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2015

Must have a good injection molding machine 5H.5H is 5 high, namely, high speed, high precision, high energy, high stability, high security.

1 Express:

Excellent characteristics of injection molding machines need high speed. Take advantage of on a single injection speed injection molding machine, more buyers will be all over, General injection molding machines to produce one die to 40S, and Dongguan, grace produced only 30S of injection molding machines, then, throughout the process of injection molding, injection cost savings not only, but can also increase production efficiency.

2 high precision:

The advantages of high precision injection is, in injection molding process, the Basic can do cavity injection volume constant, such features can greatly reduce product scrap rates.

3 high energy:

Dongguan grace, produced by injection molding machine with high energy-saving features, machine with servo technology, at fixed times, remains the power state of the machine, this State throughout the process of injection molding, occupying 50%.

4 high stability:

A good machine could not have been a problem, if the machine fails, the original production must cease, the problem is both bear a large proportion of the maintenance costs, and delays to production. Good machine, must have high stability characteristics.

5 high security:

Injection molding machine is also considered high dangerous machinery, production personnel security incidents per year is not uncommon, a good injection molding machines need high security features that will avoid safety accident in the crew.