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Hydraulic Press For Wheelbarrow

The hydraulic press for wheel barrow is up press(press from up to down) type, so the operation for workers will be more convenient. The machine is strong and durable. We also make all kinds molds for wheelbarrow.

Product details

The hydraulic press for wheel barrow is up press(press from up to down) type, so the operation for workers will be more convenient.

The machine is strong and durable.

We also make all kinds molds for wheelbarrow.


ST-HP Series Hydraulic Press with the feature of simple structure, high pressure, high efficiency, and wide adaptability and wide application.


The wheelbarrow hydraulic press is use to make wheelbarrow barrel. The Model WBP-315 can do drawing(shaping) job, waste edge cutting job and edge curling job. The model WBP-250 can do waste edge cutting job and edge curling job.   

The machine adopts button centralized control, can choose manual operation(jog) and semi-automatic operation. The working pressure and travel range all can be adjusted as per the real production products.

Product Description


The wheelbarrow hydraulic press machine adopts three beam four column structure. It consists of up beam, slider, worktable, upright column, main cylinder, hydraulic power system, and electronic control system. Up beam, slider and worktable are welded by quality steel plate, vibrating aging relieving of internal stress. The upright column adopts high quality 45# steel, the surface of the column is medium frequency quenching and hard chrome plating.

The pressure is provided by oil cylinder. The cylinder body adopts high quality #45 steel, piston rod is treated by surface medium frequency quenching to ensure long service life. Oil cylinder main parts adopts good material sealing ring, ensures the sealing is safe and reliable.

 Hydraulic System

     The hydraulic system adopts plug-in valve(cartridge valve) integrated system,

     movement is sensitive, work is reliable, sealing effect is good etc.

     Hydraulic pump station is consists of oil box, high pressure pump, electric motor,          plug-in valve etc. The oil box is steel welded. The oil box is closed type, have oil          drain plug to make clean or change oil easy. Oil pump inlet port has filter to keep

     oil cleanness,  so ensures pump and valve service life.

     Hydraulic system sealing is reliable, no oil leakage, main pipe adopts flange

     connection,has shockproof measures in the pipe line.

     Electronic Control System

     Control cabinet installs electrical equipment air switch, electric relay etc.

     All the signal, position limit and pressure movement is program chained.  

     Have centralized control panel, all the necessary buttons and choose switches are        on the panel to make operation easy.  

    Operation Method

     The machine has jog and semi-automatic operation method for choice.  

     Slider travel can be adjusted, there are limit switch on slider up and down position

     limit .   There are emergency/sudden stop button on the control button for safe




Parts Detail Description:

1. Control Box


The control box electronics adopts Schneider or CHNT brand. 

And our wire layout desing is very scientific. 

So the machine electronics is very reliable even in the harsh working condition. 


2. Valves and Motor



  We can make all the molds as per customer's drawing, sample or  requirements.


  Production in User's Workshop


Packaging & Shipping

 For all the big machines, we load it into container and fixed and proper treatment.

 For all the small machines, we use fumigation free wooden box with pallet base to pack and deliver. 

Our Services

 7×24 hour on line technical service. 

If necessiary, our engineer can go to provide service on spot. 


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Company Information


Qingdao Steady Machinery Co., established on 1997. After nearly 20 years continuous development, the company has developed into a comprehensive leading company in rubber plastic machine field and textile machine field. The company has first class design team which ensures the company’s machine is in most advanced position in China, some machines keep advance in the whole world. The company has high precision processing equipment( wire-electrode cutting, blasting machine, CNC lathe, Drilling machine with jointed arm,grinding machine, hobbing machine, sheet metal machine, puncher, bending machine, and welding machine etc.) machining center etc) and test equipment for more than 200 sets.

Totally we have five factories in China mainland, with total more than three hundred well trained mechanists/workers.

We have special QC team in our factory, meantime In every production process, every worker is QC to his last step work. We have most stable and professional production staff. They all are qualified in their post.

We have most professional export team, they not just know foreign language very well, they not just know foreign trade procedure very well, but they also know the machines very well, they know the industry very well.

In short we have long history, top level design team, well trained workers, and engineer like most dedicated sales team.

Qingdao Steady Machinery CO., LTD win its fame by observing contracts and keeping promises through providing excellent quality machines , and best professional export service and after sale service. The company's machines are widely exported to all over the world. 

We sincerely wish to tightly cooperate with the clients who are interested

in our high quality machine.

Welcome to Qingdao Steady Machinery CO., LTD.



Steady Machinery is one of the top level China hydraulic press for wheelbarrow suppliers and manufacturers with productive factory, which is able to produce low price hydraulic press for wheelbarrow with best quality. Welcome to buy cheap products from us.

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