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granulator machine for plastic Extrusion Granulating Machine

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Product details
PurposeRaw Materials
Filling & Modification          PE,PP,PS,EVA+CaCo3,Talcum Powder,TiO2
PP,PA6,PA66,ABS+Ferrous Powder,Magnetic Powder,Ceramic Powder
Blending & Modification          PP,PA,PE+EPDM;PE,PP,PS+SBS;PP+NBR;EVA+Silastic;TPR compounds

PE,PP,PS,ABS,EVA,PET+Pigment and additives

pp plastic granule making machine

Functional Masterbatch          CB masterbatch: PE,PP,PS,ABS,EVA…+carbon
Flame retardant masterbatch: PE,ABS,PA PBT…+flame retardant&additives
Degradative masterbatch: PE,PS+Starch;PP+CaCO3,Talcum powder
Safeguard function masterbatch:Masterbatch of heat insulator…

Glass Fiber(carbon fiber,wood fiber) 


PP,ABS,AS,PBT,PET,PA,PC,PPS,PPO…+long glass fiber or shot glass fiber
Various Cable Material                  HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE insulating bush,      cable shield

PE Six-XLPE cable compounds,PE chemical crosslink cable compounds,

PE radiation crosslinking cable compounds,H-cable compounds

PVC granule making machine

PVC wire&cable compounds
HFFR,Polyolefine cable compounds
Powder Coating    

Polyester coating,Polyurethane coating,epoxy resin coating,Propyl coating;

Pcrylic coating

Heat-Sensitive Material  (Cascade type)                      PVC wire&cable compounds, Undersole compounds
Flexible/Rigid-PVC compounds and Semerigid compounds etc.

Non-toxic transparent PVC-bottle material, 

Perfusion-tube material,Blood transfusion-haustrum material

Low-smoking&non-halogen flame-retardant wire&cable compounds, PE cross-linking/peroxide crosslinking compounds
Dynamic state cross-linking thermoplastic-elastomer compounds,Radiating cross-liking wire&cable compounds

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