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vertical injection moulding machine Disc Vertical Injection Molding Machine

Disc Vertical Injection Molding Machine

1,This type Machine is Suitable for thermoplastic,thermoset resins,rubber and other resin molding,injection system adopts the international advanced loop control system,pressure automatic tracking control system (can equip with high-speed gas-assisted system) make products molding high precision,more stable formability.

2,disc and clamping adopt servo positioning,fast drives,which is high precision and lower power consumption.

3,Normally it's 2 working station,can install multi-station upon request,the surrounding is open,shorten cycle time,improve work efficiency,easy to install complex molds,also can easily combined with various automation devices. (Multi-station dies  distribution on around the disc accordingly)

4,equipped with a variety of drawing supply device and other auxiliary equipment,improve embedded products forming efficiency.

5,using full computer touch controller,multi language(Chinese,English,Russian etc.) choice,set all the paraments easily on the touch screen,dynamic display machine movement,digital management the machine.

6,to provide customers with integrated automatic molding machine and the matching molds.

Application Scope:

Key / zipper ring / trademark / chips / toys / Commodity / container /medical equipment / hardware appliances inserts / Engineering Plastics / large cable connector / Engineering Rubber / auto parts / locks / Special inserts / office equipment,etc. .. .. everything can be injection molded plastic products processing ...

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