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conveyor belt joint process Conveyor Belt Joint Press

Conveyor Belt Joint Press

Industries application:

• Metallurgical plants

• Mines

• Electric power plants

• Docks

• Rubber

• Escalator

1.Power Voltage: 380V. 660V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V 

2.Vulcanizing pressure: 0.6~1.2 MPa (6~12kg / cm2) (Determined by detailed rubber belts) Other vulcanizing pressure can also be available at negotiated price. 3.Vulcanizing temperature: 145°C (adjustable 0~200°C) 

4.Temperature-rising time (from normal temperature to vulcanizing temperature): no more than 35 min 

5.Time of heat preservation for vulcanizing could be adjusted according to thickness of rubber belt;

Please contact me discussing detail.

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