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◎ Carding Machine

  • Single Cylinder Double Doff Carding Machine

    Contact NowSingle Cylinder Double Doff Carding MachineUse and feature: The machine turns out cotton on one desk. Suitable for 1.5D-20D artificial fiber. Even web, low power consumption, easy and convenient operation, single cylinder carding, economical type, suitable for manufacture of the general non-woven fabric products. Main...Read More

  • Double Cylinder Double Doff Carding Machine

    Contact NowDouble Cylinder Double Doff Carding MachineSpecifications high speed; high out double cylinder and double doff anti-metal protection device Purpose and Characteristics: This high speed carding machine is suitable for 1.5~20D × 38~76mm artificial fiber. Double-cylinder high speed combing makes fiber fully combed and the mesh...Read More

  • Vibrating Cotton Feeding Machine

    Contact NowVibrating Cotton Feeding MachinePurpose and Characteristics: To loosen and mix the fiber loosened already, process it into even cotton for next procedures. Feeding in ration by volume style, controlled by photoelectric, with convenient adjustment, accurate and even cotton supply. Components: 1) Built-in cotton storehouse...Read More

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